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For decades, equipment operators took their instructions from stakes in the 
ground that had to be moved and reset as the work unfolded. Today, United 
Earthworks utilizes state of the art GPS technology.  We maintain 
the most up to date computer software and technology. The immediate 
benefits are speed and extreme accuracy, allowing United Earthworks to provide 
our customers with the most concise, cost effective earth moving services in the 

United Earthworks utilizes TOPCON GPS systems, the world leader in construction positioning instrumentation, is designed to deliver the ultimate field performance in challenging environments while maintaining unmatched accuracy.

What this technology brings to our clients:

  • Savings – Eliminate High Cost Material Overruns
  • Productivity – Fewer passes needed to reach grade finish
  • Consistency – One system works for rough & finish grade 
  • Precision – Grade To Tighter Tolerances

This incredible technology not only ensures an accurate finished product, it also 
accelerates production levels that translate to an overall cost savings for our 


This technology allows for the highest degree of accuracy in estimating earth 
volume. Project areas and volumes can be dissected by area and viewed in three 
dimensions.  These features allow United Earthworks to accurately analyze 
and take advantage of the most cost effective solutions to the construction of 
each project site.

In addition, AGTEK is used for all layout and machine control models. These 
models are built in house and are used for GPS field layout. The models are also 
used on board GPS machine control equipped dozers for accurate, real time 
grade information on board each piece of equipment. These site models are also a valuable tool for clients to insure the most cost effective grading plans for any project.

United Earthworks is ready to put this technology to work on your next project!


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